After owning and operating cannabis retail locations for several years, our founders determined that the cannabis industry was facing several problems that were not be addressed adequately. 

  • The first problem they discovered was that most cannabis POS systems for retailers were not fully Metrc compliant or at least lacking in that regard. They found themselves having to patch various software systems together to run their businesses properly.
  • They also found the current systems were not able to track daily business and restricted vendor check-ins properly.
  • Many of the systems they tried had ineffective inventory controls and were not sales friendly.
  • Most of the POS systems had steep learning curves and it took a long time for staff to learn how to use them.
  • Simple items like getting products out on the floor the same day they were received were virtually impossible.

 Taking the knowledge, they had accumulated in their dispensaries, the pair started to design an even better system, one that addressed the weaknesses they found in all the other POS systems on the market.

The Solution

Canna Manager Pro (CRS) suite is the most compliant, data secure, and easy to use Point of SaleOnline Menu and Rewards CRM software in the cannabis industry under one roof!

Combining a “Next-Generation” user interface, along with better compliance tools, and improved inventory management this app comes loaded.  Our real-time Online Menu to sales cart means no lead lag time for online orders and is just some of our tools to increase your bottom-line. Canna Manager Pro is the new must-have business tool built specifically for cannabis retail, CBD Retail or medical dispensaries. 

The Canna Manager Pro systems offers 2-way syncing with the METRC (CTS) Regulatory System. This plays a major role in the success of any dispensary in States that are currently using and uploading data daily to METRC (CTS).

Canna Manager Pro also offers better real-time inventory management, staffing, and expense controls as well as stronger sales processes.

Each client’s system is custom-tailored to their organization and is easy for staff to learn and for management to implement.