Our mission at Canna Manager Pro is to be trusted and valuable advisers, providing exceptional quality, superior customer service, and innovation to the cannabis community.

We want to move the cannabis industry forward through reliable and robust technology solutions that promote efficiency, transparency, reliability, and accountability while empowering businesses, governments, and cannabis consumers to make informed and data-driven decisions on a timely basis.

We work hard to ensure, simplify, and enhance, cannabis business compliance in every US state. We consider the success of our retail customers as a measure of our success.

Our state-of-the-art technology empowers the cannabis industry to achieve outcomes that positively change lives daily. And our long-term vision is one of the main reasons we have built our proprietary technology from the ground up. We know that off-the-shelf solutions will not cut it – it will be the most robust, stable, flexible, and adaptable systems that will be successful in this dynamic and evolving industry.

The success of the cannabis industry motivates us!

We are a multi-disciplinary team of professionals that comprise cannabis consultants, compliance experts, technologists, legalization advocates, and marketers who have collaborated to find the best ways to help cannabis retailers and entrepreneurs succeed. We are on a mission to make cannabis accessible to everyone in the world, one legal transaction at a time.

At Canna Manager Pro, we are about more than mere technology. We are about creating meaningful social change, solving complex problems, and connecting with our community. And most of all, we love our cannabis! We build software solutions for the cannabis industry.

Founded in 2015 by Software Team Pro, we innovate how cannabis retailers manage supply chain data, complex compliance mandates, sales transactions, inventory, and reporting by delivering point of sale, compliance, inventory tracking, as well as business intelligence data from one, highly customizable and robust platform.